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Animation Retargeting MaxScript

At the game studio where I work, we use Unity3D which has no native retargeting (until Mecanim which we cannot currently use).

This meant that (as the artist/animator) every time I make changes to the proportions of the rig (fairly often due to tight deadlines and iteration) all the animations have to be loaded, one by one and have their figure (.fig) files reset. Then they have to be exported to fbx (again one at a time). This was a very time consuming process (especially when cleaning up thousands of mocap animations)- so I created this script to make it effortless and more importantly – fast.

It now quickly runs through a batch input folder (c:\batch\in) and applies all the retargeting automatically.

The video here demos this. I hope it helps someone else. This is my first attempt at a maxscript so i’m sure it could be improved but has made my life much nicer 🙂

You can download the script at ScriptSpot here