2 thoughts on “Marmoset Viewer Asset Test”

  1. Hi, Your work is amazing and excellent! I have a problem with spotlight in Zbrush may be you can help me! I use Zbrush4r7 but spotlight hidden and I can’t load it. I’ve installed Zbrush a few times even Zbrush 4 but not appear in all version of Zbrush4 to r7. I also didn’t find any tips to solve this problem in the internet. The first time that I installed Zbrush4r7 spotlight worked but after a while it disappeared. I try to load it from texture menu but the software not found the location of spotlight folder in Pixologic root. Do you know what is the problem? I really appreciate for any help! Thank you,

    1. Hi there and thanks. I’m not sure, did you try pressing ‘z’ when you have Spotlight enabled? The ‘z’ and shift+z keys are used for controlling it’s visibility. Hope you find the answer you’re looking for.

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